Still Alive!

So I made it to Dublin! I arrived at 5:30AM yesterday morning and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

I think I will begin this blog journey with this disclaimer: This blog is probably going to be quite boring, random, and most definitely unorganized. So I mean hey, if you decide to stick with me, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First impressions thus far:

Dublin has tons of international students.

I mean seriously… Where can a girl meet a nice Irishman?

The doors y’all.


They are the coolest thing. I know it sounds lame, but they are one of the first things I noticed. Most of them are bright unique colors and each one has a personality. I think it’s charming.

Walking is going to be a bitch.

Unfortunately, I have a 30 minute walk plus a 20 minute bus ride every day to get to my college campus. Not exactly ideal.

I haven’t started classes yet or met many people outside of my program (which is all Americans) so I definitely can’t say much about how things are going to long term yet, but I’m optimistic.

Side Note: My roommate is pretty great! Not to mention how cool it is that she is from Paris!

I’m definitely still getting settled and 24 hours in don’t have too many shenanigans to share just yet. More to come!


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