Bullet Dodging, Cliff Walking, Mud Sliding

Hello family, friends, and occasional random strangers!

First, I’d like to say, this blogging thing is new for me. I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but know that I have so much I want to talk about! Finding the time and something even remotely interesting however is a struggle sometimes.

If anyone has any questions, send me a message, text or comment here and I will definitely blog off any requests.

I believe food has already been put on the list. Of course.

Today’s adventure: Cliff Walk at Howth

I’m going to make this post short; abstract even. Work with me people it’s about midnight here.

Ice bullets to the face.

Sinking slush pits of mud doom.

Gloves separated forever.

Mini tornado-like body slams of wind.

Survival of the fittest.

That sums up the hike along the cliff.

Ah! I kid! There may have been mud and water and wind, but it was all worth it to see the beautiful coastal cliffs.


Howth is a beautiful coastal town about 30 minutes out from the city center of Dublin. The walk was pretty short, but being the pansy Americans that we are, it took us awhile to meddle through the mud. At one point I tried to use my umbrella as a shield to shelter my frail American body from the daggers of water slamming into my face. But that was a lost cause haha.

Despite my over dramatization of the weather conditions, I’m so glad I went. The natural landscape is breathtaking. Not to mention the delicious fish in chips we treated ourselves to after walking roughly 8 miles (this included the walk to the train, etc).


Sorry for the lack of depth and reflection on this one guys. More to come!


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