Guinness and Green: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

I’ve neglected this blog for too long, I know. I haven’t been doing less, in fact, I’ve been doing more! You all have missed so much since my last post! That’s only my fault though. Of course, you can always see what I’m doing via Facebook though, so I don’t feel too bad.

Anyways I figured I ought to write the obligitory St. Patrick’s Day post. I’ll be keeping it short though. You know I have to have some stories left to tell people that they haven’t already read!

Well you know us Americans, we don’t do holidays half ass. 8:30AM wake up, green up. 9:00AM the party begins.


Yes. Those are green pancakes in all their glory. Lucky Charms infused. Just how St. Patrick would’ve envisioned it.

And of course the hallmark of St. Patrick’s tradition (In Ireland at least): the drinking began.


Dublin Preps

From our little Kegs & Eggs event, we went to the parade. It didn’t disappoint! Really the cool part is how much everyone buys into this holiday. I mean, the streets are filled storefront to storefront with people. Many of them are Irish, but thousands of people are visitors from across the globe ALL FOR ST.PATRICK’S DAY. I must have heard 10 different languages this weekend alone. And you better believe every single one of them was rocking the green and orange. It’s sort of like a giant party Ireland throws for the world every year. A party that’s always crazy as hell. Every pub is packed. And if you have ever been to Dublin, you know that’s no easy feat. Pubs are like fast food in America. Every block baby.

Okay back to this parade for a moment though. It was pretty cool. But there was some weird ish going on too. For example…


But really though… what in the hell… Please if you can explain how any of this is Irish, Celtic, Gaelic, or Catholic in any way… help a sister out.

Most of the parade was great though. I’ve posted the 15 second video compilation just above this post. But basically,  the whole weekend is really just a giant celebration. Of Irish culture and tradition, but also just for being here and well I think. Everyone is everyones’ friend on St. Patrick’s weekend!

After the parade we grabbed lunch and headed back to rest up for later in the evening.


A few random things for y’all back home:

– No one does this whole, if-you-aren’t-wearing-green-I’m-going-to-pinch-you crap.

– At the same time… every freaking person is wearing green.

– It’s St. Patty’s or St. Patrick’s but NEVER St. Paddy’s. They take that pretty seriously.

– They don’t dye every consumable piece of nourishment green here like they do in the states.

– We need to step up our 4th of July game y’all…

Even though I left a lot out, I hope this makes you want to come to Dublin some day for this. Seriously, an epic weekend. I’ll totally join you 😉



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